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No matter how keen you are for us to show off your property it is worthwhile stepping back and looking at the property through fresh eyes. Those little things that you may have been putting off like missing door knobs, broken handles, dripping taps, running toilets, sqeaky gates etc should all be attended to first.

We want to ensure that your home is as inviting as possible, that it looks terrific on the day and that any potential buyer will walk in and feel comfortable. ‘First impressions do count’ so it's very important to get it right and it may mean the difference in getting a good price and getting a premium price.

To help get you started here is a check list of suggestions that I give to all my clients:

Your front door gives a vital first impression. Be sure it is kept clean at all times.

Clean windows and window seals, dust pelmets and Venetian blinds

Remove any finger marks around light switches, power points and door handles

Use attractive bedspreads

Keep all steps, stairways and halls free of obstacles

Try to keep pets out of the way and remove pet bowls and pet food during opens

Keep all grounds, porches and garages tidy

Keep the curtains or shades open to let the light it, it gives a cheerful effect.

Check that any table lamps or feature lights have new light bulbs and are working
       (we recommend minimum of 60 watts to be used)

If possible, leave the good china out on the dining room table or a big bunch of flowers – it gives a showroom effect.

Remove unwanted or bulky furniture - If in doubt take it out!

Have carpets cleaned professionally but make sure it’s a couple of days prior to open day
       and then open up the doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate.