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Very Scared!

Reading Amanda Blairs article one Sunday morning brought a smile to my face, it was interesting to hear her view on how rude people can be - Rude, I can tell you a few stories about how rude people can be! Rude is probably being too polite: I mean some people can be down right ugly!

Fist fights (not me personally but it did involved one of my clients and the principle I was then working for, thats another story), being abused both verbally and there was one time it came very close to physical - can you believe that! What size am I, small? And here was this particular solid built person who didnt like the fact that no one else thought his house was worth a million dollars and consequently took it out on me.

Just to put you all in the right picture the property had been for sale with another agent and after sacking them he had then tried to sell the house privately. Still no joy and six months later he engaged my services. After two months of marketing I presented him with an offer, which was equivalent to an offer, the first agent had shown him just slightly more which would covered all the costs.

My professional advice to him was to take the money and get on with his life. Glaring at me with eyes bulging and steam coming out of his ears he made a lunge over the dining table towards me. For a split second I thought he was going to strangle me or end up with a black eye!

Bringing his fist down and thumping the table as hard as he could, making the center flower piece jump about a foot up into the air, he expelled every swear word in the dictionary and then some ... this was a very angry man! While his face turned scarlet mine was the colour of my mothers table cloth, pure white.

It was a really scary situation, I just sat there in shock, if my legs hadnt turned to jelly, I am positive I would have broken all the world records of running out of the house. It was fear that kept me in the seat and there was nothing to do but wait for his explosion to subside.

After about 20 minutes of ranting and raving he barked for a pen, signed the contract screwed it up and then threw it across the room at me and then walked outside.

Shaking from head to toe, I let myself out and sat in the car for a few moments to recollect myself. While gathering my thoughts in the darkness and calming myself down a loud rap on the car window brought his face into focus - OH No he is going to kill me! Like one of those B grade Halloween movies, you think the story ends but it just gets worst ...

Bracing myself for another round of abuse he was smiling and joking, insisting that I took away one of his ornamental fichus trees (he had imported about 30 of them which were to be planted along the driveway of his estate) saying no hard feelings Patty, its just business. He wouldnt let me go until the tree was in the car!

It was that big we had to lay it down sticking out of the boot over the back seats with it mop resting on the front console! How traffic police didnít pick me up is beyond me. I had traveled from the other end of town back to Glenelg with no rear vision because of this tree!

I still have that tree, it sits on our back verandah: some how the ceremonial burning that I had planned in my head as I drove away never happened - that old saying what doesnt kill you makes you stronger? Well, I am still alive to tell the tale and now when ever there is a ugly moment I can look at that tree and think nothing could be as bad as that night, nothing!

True story
Patty xxx