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From having a number of investment properties themselves and with a background in marketing, promotions, administration, and business development, it seemed logical to follow a career path in Real Estate Management. Headhunted in 1999 by a large franchise group, Patricia enjoyed many awards and accolades during those five years until launching McKibbin Real Estate in 2004 with her partner Andrew McKibbin.

At that time, there was no opening within the franchise group which meant leaving to pursue our own dream. It was also a time when international brands were aggressively consuming the independent agencies in the pursuit of a larger market share in South Australia.

We did have a few sleepless nights, says Patricia. However, waiting for the keys to our new office, it was the sudden appearance of elderly Mr Wiseman judiciously walking up our driveway that convinced us we made the right decision. Mr Wiseman went out of his way to track us down at home to ask if we would represent the sale of his house. A retired car salesperson himself he said he was a good judge of character and wickedly laughed that Adelaide being so small, if we did an excellent job ‘word of mouth’ was the best kind of reward and advertising.

How intuitive he was, recommendations and referrals have been the backbone of our success, building lasting relationships over multiple generations. Such as the time we helped adorable Jess and Paul excitingly purchased their first home, to the mischievous Grandmother who set her dog on me and then left instructions with the family for McKibbin Real Estate to represent the Estate sale on her passing. With a can-do attitude, McKibbin Real Estate has stood the test of time and we are forever grateful for the support shown to us and continue to receive every day.

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