McKibbin Real Estate

Our comprehensive service takes the day to day running of your property off your shoulders.

Whether it is your first home, family home or investment property we collaborate directly with your tenants, tradesperson, strata manager, councils or other, on your behalf. We make owning a property that you intend to lease out as simple, painless and a profitable experience. 

From rental assessment, help with presentation, tenant inspections, review of applications, preparing of all documentation in line with regulations, we ensure a seamless process. This means you can take holidays in peace, enjoy Christmas without interruption or make last minute business trips without having to sort out anything before you leave - and rest assured, if any problems do arise with your property or tenant we step in and deal with it accordingly. 

We are very much a firsthand style management

We know each property personally. You may be interested to know that 80% of our portfolio is held by Mums & Dads looking for capital gain in years to come to help their own children get a foothold in the real estate market. Ten percent with an Investor that trusts us with the management of two or more properties. Five percent by enterprising young capitalists still living at home or abroad and 5% Commercial Leasing which includes groups or standalone shops, restaurants, and offices. 

Let us help with your rental property

Maximum Price, Personal Service and Proudly Independent.

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